Legal Organization and Public Record

In this area we offer advice to non-profit entities of their social vocation, as well as to companies planning to invest, all the way to establishing and running the company.
In this field of work, our services, in practical terms, consist of the following:

  1. Advice in choosing the type of entity which shall be set up or maintained to attend the proposal’s objective;
  2. Developing and updating statutes, elaboration of internal regulations, further obligations and public Record;
  3. Searching for public records as: Statements of Public Services in the Federal, State and Municipal levels, Certification of Entity OSCIP's (Civil Society Public Interest Organization) or Certification of Non-profit entity for Social Assistance, always seeking to achieve fiscal benefits and collection of public and private resources;
  4. Offering assistance to the elaboration of rendering accounts to public authorities in federal, state, municipal and international levels, as the: Ministry of Justice, INSS, Federal Revenue, CNAS, Court of Judicial Accountability, CONSEAS, COMAS, CONDECA, CMDCA, Public Funds, BID, BIRD, UNESCO and others;
  5. Elaborating contracts in general related to the entities’ day-to-day life.

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