Public Administration Law

The relationships forged between First Sector (State) actors and the Second Sector (Private Sector) have proved very challenging, because the Lei de Licitação (Bidding Law), which acts as a safety net for public finances, has resulted in yet more red tape for public-private relations.

Our expertise in this Department has the purpose of contributing to the speeding up of the legalisation of procedures on behalf of our clients with the aim of narrowing the negotiating timetable with the State. Such undertakings are always governed by strict ethical codes.

The issue of Certidões Negativas de Débitos (a certificate in Brazil which proves whether an individual or business has any pending or outstanding debts), has been for many businesses, a very ardous deal, and in so many of these cases the setbacks have been bureaucratic, and is such that it requires a certain amount of legal work to hasten its release, be it either by administrative or judicial means. We employ our solid know-how gained from previous cases to assit in these endeavours.

The drawing up and revision of contracts, covenants and agreements, terms of partnership, and other legal instruments of a similar nature, as well as those that formalise public contracting, also form part of the range of services provided by this Department.

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