Labour Law

Our mission is aimed at assisting in the preparation of labour law audits, evaluating procedures for the elimination or mitigation of possible contingencies and pointing out the changes that would be necessary to comply with legal obligations.
We implement variable compensation plans by developing profit-sharing systems based on results, and we are also have much experience in terms of union business counselling, especially in collective bargaining labour disputes and strikes, in both an extrajudicial as well as judicial context, in addtion to possessing expertise as to how to structure Voluntary Resignation Programs (Programa de Demissão Voluntária – PDVs).
We also have expertise in litigation procedure, both at the administrative level, by way of client representation together with the Ministry of Work and Employment (Delegacia Regional do Trabalho – Regional Employment Department - DRT), Public Ministry of Work and Trade Unions, as well as at the judicial level, with the accompaniment of court cases from inception to the Higher Courts.

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